5 Essential Oils that Supercharge Your Smoothies

Essential oils offer a wide range of natural health benefits. We can diffuse them in the air to help improve our mood and relieve respiratory issues. We can use them topically to help improve our skin or relax the mind. We can even drink them in our smoothies!

The key to making great essential oil smoothies is knowing which essential oils are safe to ingest. It’s important to invest in quality essential oils and only use ones that are marked as food grade with an FDA approved food label. If you are unsure, save that oil for diffusing and find one that is labeled safe. Use only 1-2 drops in your smoothie and avoid ingesting oils every day.

5 Delicious Essential Oils to Add to Smoothies

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint oil is a fantastic choice to add into mocha, coffee, or minty smoothies. Peppermint helps to freshen the breath and can even help improve digestive issues, respiratory congestion, brain fog, or headaches.

Use ginger oil in any recipe that could use a little spice! Ginger pairs great with ingredients like apples and carrots, as well as green smoothies. Ginger is known to improve nausea, stomachache, constipation, bloating, and can improve your body’s immune response.

The Citrus Oils: Lemon, Grapefruit, and Orange
Citrus fruits offer amazing essential oils that have been used for everything from mental alertness to non-toxic cleaning supplies. In our smoothies, the citrus fruits add a delicious aroma and flavor to fruity blends and pack a punch with extra vitamin C. Citrus essential oils are also helpful in managing appetite, detoxification, and skin health.

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