Cutting Out Coffee? Healthier Ways to Wake Up

Coffee is a beloved beverage around the world. Even the smell of a fresh brew can perk us up and help us feel ready for the day. In moderate amounts, coffee is safe and does have some health benefits. But there are many reasons why we might want to cut back on the brew to improve our health and wellness.

Thankfully, cutting back on coffee doesn’t have to mean sluggish, tired days. Whether you’re cutting coffee out for good, or simply want a healthier way to wake up, these tips will help you keep your energy up without the caffeine rush.


  1. Switch to herbal tea or lattes.
    Sometimes what we really crave in the morning is a warm beverage to help us greet the day. Replace your regular coffee with an herbal blend you love (lemongrass tea is a bright and sunny way to start the day) or go for a healthy coffee-free turmeric or matcha latte instead. Want to achieve that velvety coffeeshop texture and fluffy foam? Put your latte ingredients in the Solo Blend and blend for 20-30 seconds!
  2. Get your blood flowing.
    Our bodies don’t actually need caffeine to wake up in the morning. When we wake up, our cortisol levels are naturally high, giving us energy to switch into the active half of our sleep-wake cycle. If you feel sluggish in the morning, it may simply mean you need to get your blood flowing. Start the day with gentle movement, like stretching, yoga, or a walk. You’ll likely find that you didn’t need that cup of coffee after all!
  3. Eat an energy-packed breakfast.
    A healthy, balanced breakfast does more for our all-day energy than caffeine ever could. Swap your morning coffee fix with a breakfast of protein, whole gains, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables to stay alert, satisfied, and energized without the jitters. If you prefer to sip your breakfasts (like we do!) be sure to add ingredients like oats, avocado, plant-based protein powder, Greek yogurt, and seeds to your smoothies for added energy.


Cutting down on coffee can be tricky, but the transition is much easier when you have a delicious morning smoothie waiting for you! Follow @solo.wellness on Instagram for more wellness tips, smoothie inspiration, and delicious recipes!