How to Be a More Eco-Friendly Smoothie Lover

With concerns rising about the health of our environment, it’s no wonder that many smoothie lovers are looking for ways to sip more sustainably. The good news is that smoothies themselves are a health and eco-friendly meal or snack. Still, there are many ways we can improve our shopping habits and make even better choices for the environment.

Here are a few easy ways to be a more eco-friendly smoothie lover!  

Use Local and Seasonal Ingredients
Whenever possible, shop for your smoothie ingredients at a local grocer, farm, or co-op. Use ingredients that are grown in your regional area and are in-season. These foods have a smaller carbon footprint while also giving your body the essential nutrients you need in that season!

Go Plant-Based
Switching to dairy-free and plant-based milks, yogurts, and other smoothie ingredients (like protein or collagen powders) is an easy way to sip a more sustainable smoothie. Plant-based ingredients are healthier for both you and the environment – and they taste delicious!

Buy Imperfect Produce

What better way to use imperfect produce than in a blitzed-up smoothie? Produce that is looks a little funny is still just as delicious and nutritious as produce that’s picture perfect. Sadly, many people pass over these fruits and vegetables in search of the best of the bunch. Those left-over don’t sell as well and end up wasted. Since you’ll be blending up your produce anyway, why not take the imperfect ones home?

Go Plastic-Free
Peruse the grocery store and you’ll find many produce items unnecessarily wrapped in plastic packaging. Seek out the loose produce when possible to reduce the amount of plastic waste you buy.

Sweeten Sustainably
Maple syrup tends to be the most sustainable and ethical sweetener choice available. Thankfully, it’s absolutely delicious in smoothies! For those recipes where you want a lighter sweet note, consider white coconut sugar or brown rice syrup instead. Both are sustainable produced and easy on the digestive system.

Use Your Solo Blend
Simply by using your Solo Blend to make smoothies at home instead of buying them out, you are saving countless single-use cups and straws!


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