Simple Lifestyle Habits that Give Your Immune System a Boost

From fighting stress, to environmental toxins, to seasonal colds and flus, our immune systems are constantly working to protect and defend us. It’s time we repay the favor! Follow these simple lifestyle habits to give your immune system the added boost it deserves.


Simple Habits to Support Your Immunity

  • Move daily – The immune system relies upon healthy blood flow and hormone balance to stay in tip-top shape. The best way to keep your system running smoothly is with daily exercise. While a dedicated workout plan is great, you don’t have to become a gym junkie overnight. Even a 20-minute walk each day will give your system the boost it deserves.
  • Ditch the dirty dozen – When you’re making your delicious smoothies and other meals, try to use organic, vibrant fruits and vegetables when possible. Not only do these foods provide the necessary vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that the immune system thrives on, but going organic helps reduce the toxic load on your liver, gut, and immune system. While you’re at it, limit other immune-wreckers like alcohol, refined sugars, dairy, and caffeine.
  • Prioritize sleep – Sleep is a crucial aspect of our health, and without quality sleep, our body suffers. Unfortunately, the immune system takes one of the biggest hits. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Prime your brain for even more productive sleep by turning off all electronics at least an hour before bed.
  • Get outside – Whether you choose to exercise in nature, enjoy a delicious smoothie or latte al fresco, or even take a five minute break from work by stepping outside, getting outdoors helps to relieve stress, improve our brain function, and stimulate the immune system. Spending time outside also helps our bodies stay in-tune with the changing seasons.
  • Make time for mindfulness – Some stress is unavoidable, but high or relentless stress sends our cortisol levels through the roof. This rise then weakens the responsiveness and power of the immune system. To combat stress, make time every day for a mindful moment. Enjoy a hobby, practice meditation, or simply sit in quiet.


To have a fighting chance, our immune system needs our ongoing support! Boost your immunity and overall well being naturally with these simple lifestyle habits. Follow @solo.wellness on Instagram for more wellness and lifestyle tips!