Smoothie Tips To Keep You Full For Hours

Smoothies are an excellent way to get your necessary servings of fruit and vegetables each day. They’re the perfect on-the-go meal or pick-me up…if they can keep you full. Many people struggle with making smoothies that are healthy, delicious, and fight hunger like a full meal.

Hungry no more! We’ve got the smart tips that help you make a satisfying smoothie, every time.

  1. Veg out.
    You might not think that adding veggies to your smoothies would do much to stop your hunger, but many vegetables can actually “beef” it up. Frozen cauliflower, sweet potato, and beets are all helpful additions.
  2. Invest in a quality protein powder.
    There are so many options for protein powder out there, so this one takes a little bit of research. Our best advice is to stick with plant-based protein and skip any with synthetic or chemical ingredients. Add in a collagen powder, too, as it can help keep you full while boosting your bone and skin health. 
  1. Include healthy fats.
    Healthy fats that include omega-3 fatty acids are not only great for keeping you full and satisfied, they are crucial for brain and hormone health. That means that your smoothie will be working double time by keeping your belly happy, your brain sharp and focused, and your mood stable. Try avocado, chia seeds, and flax oil.
  2. Fill up with fiber.
    Fiber is a nutrient found in seeds and whole grains that bulks up your food and helps improve digestion. Fiber can help you stay fuller longer without added calories. Try adding chia seeds or flax seeds (bonus: these are also packed with protein and omega-3s!).

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