The Perfect Healthy Wake-Up Routine

A healthy lifestyle starts with consistent, healthy habits. Research even shows that habits and routines are crucial for long-term health and wellbeing.

Whether you are hoping to make major health shifts or simply stay on top of a healthy lifestyle, sticking to a morning routine is a great way to set yourself up for success. Try this simple wake-up routine to start your day on the right foot!


Set the Mood

One of the most important things you can do to improve your mood, energy, and focus all day long is to dedicate a few minutes of your morning to setting your intentions for the day. It’s all too easy to get up and start rushing to get ready or immediately check emails, social media, or stress about the day’s events. To take back control of your mornings, make a cup of warm lemon water or herbal tea and find a cozy place to welcome in the day. You may also choose to journal, read, or quietly meditate. Before moving on to your next morning habit, set a conscious intention for the day. How do you want to feel? What would you like to go smoothly? What will make today a great day? Set the mood, then put your day into motion!


Morning Movement

After you’ve taken a few moments to wake up and set the mood for the day, it’s time to get moving. After a night of rest, our bodies can feel sluggish, stiff, or even achy in the mornings. For more energy and focus during the day, include some form of morning movement into your wake-up routine. This can be as simple as a light stretching session, a walk around the neighborhood, or even a full-on cardio workout. No matter how you choose to move, make sure to take it slow as you ease into the day and aim for at least 20 minutes of movement.


Treat Yourself

After your morning exercise, it’s time to fuel up. But there’s no reason you can’t wake up healthy and enjoy a treat, too! Smoothies are the perfect way to start the day with something delicious and nutritious. In the morning, opt for smoothies that are easy to digest, full of healthy ingredients, and include a little protein to keep you going throughout the day.


Starting each day with a simple routine can have a powerful effect on your health and your life. What are your favorite morning routines? Follow @solo.wellness on Instagram for more healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration!